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6 Best Times to Ask Your Customers for Review

Anyone can attest to the value of reviews. After all, reviews give us more information about a given product or service  and let us know whether customers are happy with their experience. A recent survey shares that 87 percent of Americans say they trust testimonials to help them choose which local businesses or services to use. 

Reviews do more than just help customers make a purchase decision. Studies find that including reviews on your web pages can increase conversions. When customers purchase something online, not being able to handle the product or go through the experience in person can give them doubts. Reviews serve as the social proof that bridge this gap. Thus, it helps increase sales. 

Unfortunately, the majority of customers are actually “silent advocates.” It means they have had positive experiences with a company but don’t share their feedback publicly. Those with negative experiences are more likely to spread the word. Luckily, 77% of consumers are willing to write a review if asked by a local business. 

If you’re trying to get more reviews for your walking tour, restaurant, or room rental, timing is very important. Generally, the best time to ask for a review is when a customer is impressed, happy, and content. Consider the following situations when sending out your review requests. 

Ask before the tour ends

Before customers reach the end of their trip, you can ask for their honest comments or feedback, and tell them to post it online. It’s actually rare for hotels or tour companies to do this. Why not? The thrill and experience are still fresh in their minds. It also gives you the chance to hear out any concerns they might have against you, as you speak to them face to face, and correct them if necessary. This will help in avoiding negative posts.  

Email within 24 hours after the trip

Internet connection is not always accessible in every trip so posting reviews in real time is not always possible. Thus, you can send a follow up email requesting for a review 0-24 hours after the tour. Why so soon? If you wait longer, your customers could embark on a new tour and forget about the important elements they enjoyed with your company. You can say, “Hi [customer name], we want to share our great tour experience with more people. Can you help us by posting a review?”

When a customer reaches out

Very few customers reach out to a company to talk about a positive experience. When they do, don’t let the opportunity pass. It means they are showing “initiative”. The moment you receive an email with a positive message about their stay or tour, don’t just respond with a “thank you.” Ask them politely if they can leave an honest review and include a link to your review platform. 

When they reach a milestone

Many companies use customer milestones to increase loyalty. It could be anything from how many times they ate at a certain restaurant, stayed in the same hotel, or how much they’ve spent in a year. This encourages customers to interact with every aspect of your program, especially if there are rewards involved. What better time to ask for a review? Pick good milestones and include review requests when you send out their rewards. 

When they reach out in social media

Consumers now make use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to talk to restaurants, hotels, or tours and get their issues addressed quickly. Take this chance to pitch for a review. Of course, not every query would turn out positive. Pay close attention to how a customer feels after an interaction. If you think you handled the issue in a way that the customer is satisfied, then request a review. 

During seasons and special days

People tend to get more generous around special holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most companies consider these days to be the perfect time for seasonal sales and discounts. So why not do something different and stand out? Apart from sending promotional emails, throw in a “Hey can you write us a review” message and it might get you those precious reviews.

When to Send Review Request Emails

In a recent survey, it was found that the best times in a day to ask for reviews are between 2 to 3 PM and 6 to 7 PM. It is during these hours that consumers are most likely to rate a business on Google. Meanwhile, hardly anyone is sharing feedback between 2 AM to 3 AM. So keep this in mind when sending out your review request emails. 

An important thing to remember is that FTC prohibits businesses to offer incentives in return for a review. Make sure that when you send review requests do not “lead” a customer to write a positive review. Just ask for an honest one. Once you get the reviews, publish them everywhere –  on the company’s website, social media page, and on other online directories where your business is listed!